My Role: Art Lead
At Zynga, I worked with multiple teams on several games built on the popular Farmville franchise. As live games on Facebook, each demanded a large volume of new content to keep players engaged. I created all types of assets, including characters, environments, logos, animations and UI. The subjects and settings varied from game to game, but they all required a strong lens of humor.​​​​​​​
Pirateville was a project that combined Farmville's core farming gameplay with the fantasy of being marooned on an island with sexy pirates. As art lead, I contributed character designs, logos, environments, buildings, props and pitch decks.​​​​​​​ The Pirateville project was unfortunately cancelled before it could set sail.
Chefville combined Farmville's core farming gameplay with the fantasy of operating a cutthroat restaurant business. (Farming can easily be reimagined as a giant kitchen with cooking stations...) I created an absurd amount of food illustrations and the occasional poster.
Frontierville combined Farmville's core farming gameplay with the danger and romance of the Wild West. I created characters, environments, logos, animations, and small provocative illustrations that surfaced in Facebook's news feed. Frontier was built completely in Adobe Flash, and all my artwork was prepared as vectors.
"Pioneer Trail" logo — Romeo Gotera
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