At Zynga, I worked on multiple Farmville-adjacent projects as a concept artist and art lead. My specific responsibilities varied between each game, but they all required a strong lens of humor.
Pirateville was a project that combined Farmville's core farming gameplay with the fantasy of being marooned on an island with sexy pirates. As art lead, I contributed character designs, logos, environments, buildings, props and pitch decks for internal review.
This project was boat loads of fun, but got cancelled before it could set sail.

(Early composite & paint-over using buildings, boats and foliage contributed by the team.)

Chefville combined Farmville's core farming gameplay with the fantasy of operating a cutthroat restaurant business. I was a staff artist and created an absurd amount of food illustrations and the occasional poster. I was hungry the entire time.
Frontierville combined Farmville's core farming gameplay with the danger and romance of the Wild West. As art lead, I did characters, environments, logos, animations, and small provocative illustrations that surfaced in Facebook's news feed.
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